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All About Rosé Wine: Your Essential Guide

If you closed your eyes and imagined the best summer wine, we bet Rosé is what comes to mind. Rosé wine has become the quintessential summer wine to sip with its delicate, refreshing flavors. It’s perfect for a summer party, sipping at the poolside, or eating alfresco.  So let’s dive into all things Rosé wine! […]

Your Summer Wine and Food Pairing Guide

Nothing makes summer better than a great wine to sip on your porch as you watch the sun melt into the horizon. White wines top the list for summer: They’re cool, delicious, and crisp. And this makes them the perfect complement to a summer evening. To help make your summer complete, we’ve put together a […]

All About Riesling Wine: Your Essential Guide

The Riesling grape is a versatile grape grown in various parts of the world. It produces a white wine that ranges from sweet to dry.  So whether you’re celebrating National Riesling Day on March 13th or toasting a night with friends, Riesling wine is an ideal pairing for any event. Read on to learn about […]

Your Winter Wine and Food Pairing Guide

Winter means bundling up to play in the snow and then sitting by a fire sipping a glass of great wine staring out at a snowy landscape. Finding the perfect winter wine to elevate your cold evening can make it an even more enchanting experience. But when pairing wine with the perfect dish, it can […]

Upcoming Wine Workshop Events!

Welcome to 2022! While our holiday festivities have come and gone, the excitement hasn’t ended. We have two new wine workshops in store for you next February—just in time for your Superbowl and Valentine’s Day plans. Wine Workshop: Potato Chips Have you ever realized that wine and potato chips go perfectly together? No really, they […]

The Perfect #NOMI Winter Wine Weekend

We know after the holiday season, many of us feel those January blues. We need a change of pace or scenery to give us something to look forward to. Well, lucky for you, we’ve designed the perfect antidote with a trip to beautiful northern Michigan wine country! The itinerary includes some of our Rove Recs […]